Toulouse Lashes
Toulouse LashesToulouse LashesToulouse LashesToulouse LashesToulouse LashesToulouse Lashes


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What it is:

The Toulouse silk lashes are a full volume, medium length style with a flared silhouette.

What it does:

In these lashes, you’re as charming as Toulouse! 

This luscious lash is elongated on the outer corners and shorter on the inner corners. The full volume and medium angle crisscross of the lash fibers create a striking effect. 

The Le Reve Beauté Lash and Mystique Liner system was designed to bring you Everyday Glamour & Effortless Beauty. Le Reve Beauté presents our state of the art Pressure Sensitive Adhesive lashes and liners. This technology allows your lashes to pop right on top of your Mystique Eyeliner with no mess or stickiness.

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