Live Le Reve Kit
Live Le Reve Kit


Are you a lover of lashes? So are we! Each month you get to choose one set of Lashes and a Mystique Eyeliner which are delivered straight to your door, for just $39.99 a month (FREE shipping).

Le Reve Beauté brings you state of the art Secure Grip lashes and liners. This technology allows your lashes to pop right on top of the eyeliner with no mess or stickiness. Say goodbye to expensive extensions and messy glue ons, say hello to Everyday Glamour that only adds 10 seconds or less to your daily makeup routine!

How to choose your Live Le Reve Kit:

Simply select the monthly subscription option and your favorite lashes & liner. We’ll keep you supplied each month. Sign up for a monthly subscription to start Living Le Reve!


Only $39.99/month! 


Live Le Reve Kit benefits:

There's more! After signing up, you can collect reward points each month by writing reviews and sharing the Le Reve Lash Kit with friends and family. Le Reve Points can be spent on any individual cosmetic product on the site. You will also get first access to brand new products before the general public.  

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