We've simplified the lash game with the LIY Lash Kit

How to choose the perfect kit

We've simplified the lash game by making the shopping experience a 3 step process.

Choose your style, choose your length, and subscribe.

How To Lash It Yourself

STEP 1: Using your Bond & Gloss, brush the Bond side throughout your top lashes.

STEP 2: Start applying your clusters using your LIY Lash Tweezers, making sure you don't place them directly on your water line. With your tweezers, give them a gentle pinch to add that extra seal.

STEP 3: Grab your Bond & Gloss again and brush the clear Gloss throughout your lashes to seal the deal.

STEP 4: For one last touch, use your LIY Lash Spoolie to brush out any clumping that might've occurred. 

You just Lashed It Yourself!