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at le reve beauté we are guided by a simple ethos:

everyday glamour | effortless beauty

le reve beauté is the french phrase for

"The Beautiful Dream"

Our dream is to empower women to effortlessly enhance their natural beauty through our high-quality lash products. We believe that women deserve to feel glamorous in their everyday life, without the need for extensive effort or expertise.

Our brand identity was inspired by our travels throughout France. Renowned for its innate sense of style, elegance, and sophistication, France has a rich history of art, fashion, and culture that's influence has been felt throughout the world for centuries. French women, in particular, are admired worldwide for their effortless beauty and chic sense of style.

France exudes everyday glamour by emphasizing quality over quantity

The French approach to beauty, prioritizes natural beauty and minimal makeup. French women are known for their glowing skin, tousled hair, and makeup that enhances their features rather than masking them.

"Cheers to The Beautiful Dream. May you find everyday glamour & effortless beauty in your life."