Lille Lashes
Lille LashesLille LashesLille LashesLille LashesLille LashesLille Lashes

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Lille is classic and unique, just like you!

This style is ideal for anyone looking to add some drama to their lash look. This ravishing lash is elongated on the outer corners and shorter on the inner corners. The full volume and medium angle crisscross of the lash fibers create a sophisticated and sensuous look.

Must Use With


  • Lasts Up to 30 Wears

  • Standard Look

  • Full Volume

  • Long Length

  • Flared Silhouette


  • Silk

How to Apply

  • Swipe on your Mystique Secure Grip Eyeliner closest to your lash line as possible.

  • Place your Le Reve Beauté lashes on top of your liner. Adjust accordingly.