LIY Lash Tweezers

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Apply your lashes perfectly with a little help from our Eyelash Tweezers.

Convenient for when you need to pop that lash back in it's place anytime, anywhere!

1. Using the end of the Eyelash Tweezers, grip the eyelash you want to apply.

2. LIY Lash Extensions:

Using your Eyelash Tweezers to grip your lash cluster, hook your lash cluster close to the root of your natural lashes. Do not place them directly on your water line as this can cause irritation. Give them a gentle pinch with the Eyelash Tweezers to add that extra seal.

Classic Strip Lashes

Apply your lashes on top of your Mystique Secure Grip Eyeliner (sold separately), closest to your lash line as possible. If needed, used curved area of your tweezers to push down on your lash line for extra security.

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