Loire Lashes
Loire LashesLoire LashesLoire LashesLoire LashesLoire LashesLoire Lashes

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Loire is classic with a little bit of edge!

This style is ideal for anyone looking to add some natural length to their lash look. This attention grabbing lash is a similar length from the inner to outer corner of the eye. With dramatic clustered fibers, this lash adds instant dimension.

Must Use With


  • Lasts Up to 30 Wears

  • Natural Look

  • Medium Volume

  • Short Length

  • Fanned Silhouette

  • Clustered Fibers


  • Silk

How to Apply

  • Swipe on your Mystique Secure Grip Eyeliner closest to your lash line as possible.

  • Place your Le Reve Beauté lashes on top of your liner. Adjust accordingly.