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mont blanc lashesmont blanc lashes
Mont Blanc Lashes Sale price$20.00
Mystique Noir Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Noir Secure Grip Eyeliner
Mystique Clair Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Clair Secure Grip Eyeliner
chantilly lasheschantilly lashes
Chantilly Lashes Sale price$20.00
Mystique Caviar Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Caviar Secure Grip Eyeliner
paloma lashespaloma lashes
Paloma Lashes Sale price$20.00
lille lasheslille lashes
Lille Lashes Sale price$20.00
saint tropez lashessaint tropez lashes
Saint Tropez Lashes Sale price$20.00
marseille lashesmarseille lashes
Marseille Lashes Sale price$20.00
champs elysees lasheschamps elysees lashes
Champs Élysées Lashes Sale price$20.00
toulouse lashestoulouse lashes
Toulouse Lashes Sale price$20.00
Eyeshadows Sale price$24.00

42 colors available

versailles lashesversailles lashes
Versailles Lashes Sale price$20.00
loire lashesloire lashes
Loire Lashes Sale price$20.00
Deauville Lashesdeauville lashes
Deauville Lashes Sale price$20.00
folies bergere lashesfolies bergere lashes
Folies Bergére Lashes Sale price$20.00
Velour EyeshadowsVelour Eyeshadows
Velour Eyeshadows Sale price$24.00

7 colors available

Liquid Velvet LipstickLiquid Velvet Lipstick
Liquid Velvet Lipstick Sale price$30.00

12 colors available

Lash Ware MascaraLash Ware Mascara
Lash Ware Mascara Sale price$26.00
montmartre lashesmontmartre lashes
Montmartre Lashes Sale price$20.00
Hi-Def PigmentsHi-Def Pigments
Hi-Def Pigments Sale price$26.00

6 colors available

Mystique Violet Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Violet Secure Grip Eyeliner
Makeup BlenderMakeup Blender
Makeup Blender Sale price$15.00

3 colors available

Eyelash ScissorsEyelash Scissors
Eyelash Scissors Sale price$5.00
moulin rouge lashesmoulin rouge lashes
Moulin Rouge Lashes Sale price$20.00
saint germain lashessaint germain lashes
Saint Germain Lashes Sale price$20.00
Mystique Vert Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Vert Secure Grip Eyeliner
Mystique Saphir Secure Grip EyelinerMystique Saphir Secure Grip Eyeliner
7 Piece Brush Set7 Piece Brush Set
7 Piece Brush Set Sale price$40.00
Primetime Eye & Lip PrimerPrimetime Eye & Lip Primer